Profile of JoyFit Challenger, Michelle Donzeiser

“I’m Calling it now!”

JoyFit Challenge Participant Michelle Donzeiser

Darien’s Michelle Donzeiser joined our four-week JoyFit Challenge with unbridled determination. Michelle is never one to do things halfway. She shares here how and why she is on a mission toward better health this month and onward. (And look out other JoyFit Challengers — she’s in it to win it!). 

JoyRide is proud of all the JoyFit Challenge participants and their commitment. We know it is not always easy. Our staffers and instructors salute each and every one who is taking it on. As instructor Jaime Falco says “seeing people like Michelle, who has the self-discipline to come in day after day and really stick with exercise and making changes actually motivates me, as an instructor.” 

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What motivated you to partake in our second annual (CT) JoyFit Challenge?
Quite simply: better health. I’m a local Realtor with William Pitt Sotheby’s, and although I love my work and my clients, I’m pretty much on call 24/7. I used to be an avid JoyRider, but work, kids and life took over. But I am back. From now on, I will be blocking off each morning to work out — and making that “my time.”  I am actually arranging my schedule around exercising at JoyRide. It has to happen this way, or it won’t happen!

Do you meet up with other people to keep you motivated?
I know folks do — but I actually don’t, because I come into the studios - both Darien and Westport  - and I just see people I know and it energizes me! I live in Darien and I also drive to Westport for classes because I love the Stages bikes there! I also attended Mackenzie’s Athleta class this past Saturday with my 14-year old daughter (who also attends JoyRide classes), which was so terrific because it was team-oriented and you pair off. I am still having trouble walking!

How closely are you sticking to nutritionist Ilanit Blumenfeld’s plan?
I am 100% committed to my new eating plan. Not only do I follow her plan, I am also eliminating sugar and grains. Ilanit’s recipes are great and I can tailor them to my needs.  

How is it going so far?
It’s been hard. Last week was challenging as I actually felt withdrawal symptoms!  However, let’s just say that I am seeing major results on the scale already!

Michelle is pictured with Jaime at her inaugural Monday morning community class at JoyDarien.

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