Faces of Joy: Photographer Bambi Riegel-Training for Tennis & Paddle Success on the Bike!

Bambi (Harriet) Riegel has been a high-energy part of the JoyRide family for several years. A longtime Darien resident, Bambi is known for being an accomplished tennis and paddle player, mom to four athletic girls, as well as having a multitude of friends and connections. Bambi’s spirited way and infectious laugh make her a magnetic part of the community.

Not surprisingly, she was a successful Wall Streeter, prior to starting her photography / videography business, RT Picture Works. Bambi works for many local organizations and businesses, including lucky us — JoyRide! She is pictured here (left) photographing instructor Hannah Carmody and shares her JoyStory. 

What initially brought you to JoyRide?
I was looking for an aerobic workout - and JoyRide is so that!

Has exercise been a part of your life for a long time?
I love to exercise. Always have. I love to mix it up. I play a lot of racquet sports — tennis and paddle. However, I think it is extremely important to build muscle and endurance as well.

What motivates you on a daily basis?
My sports — I love to compete and work out. My job — I really enjoy my photography and video work, and of course - being a great mom to my four girls.

How would you describe the JoyRide experience to friends and family?
It is a really high-energy, "pump-up” atmosphere! I love the vibe and the energy. There are great people — the desk staff and the instructors. JoyRide also has a personal touch, as well. The staff knows everyone’s names, and really work with people. I really like that!

What are/were goals that you wish to accomplish with the help of JoyRide or that you already accomplished?
The main goal I have is to keep me fit. I like to have a good cardio workout because it makes me feel great!

How are you using JoyRide classes to train for your other sports / what is your training schedule like?
JoyRide classes really help me be quick on the tennis and paddle courts. I think JoyRide really has helped make me fast. I really can run most things (balls) down, thanks to my cardio strength and endurance! 

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