JoyRider Profile: Carla Krafchik's Joyful Journey

The Beginning of my JOYful Journey


Walking through the JoyRide doors – I was blind.  I had no idea what I was walking into; the only thing I didknow was that I was nervous and intimidated. I had never belonged to a gym, or done any regular organized fitness routine in my life.

I should note that I said before we walked in, "No matter what, I am not committing to ANYTHING today." Words that I laugh about to this day; a recurring theme in my life.

The warm welcome we received put me immediately at ease and I remember feeling full with excitement when I bought my very first class pack. The funny thing is that during my first class, while I thought I was going to die, I really LOVED being part of this very dedicated group of athletes in the room. The music, the encouragement from Rhodie, even when I was falling apart, made me want to succeed even more. I would be slumped over the handlebars, just waiting for the CSI team to draw the chalk line around my out of shape form.

Pushing Past Boundaries

I was 100% hooked! The happiness I felt and continue to feel after a tough ride gives me perma-smile. I am doing things I never expected I could do. I went from a couch potato who was happy to sit and never move, to someone who might not be able to recognize my sofa in a police line-up.

JoyRide is made up of all ages, shapes and sizes; it's 100% inclusive. No one ever needs to feel "scared" to take part in any class, like I was, as there are modifications available for nearly every exercise or position. The small class size gives you all the benefits of personal training, in a safe, professional environment.

Variety is one of the best things about JoyRide. Between the cycle classes and Studio 2, you will never feel like the instructors or classes are carbon copies or robots. The routines are always different and a great mix of many skills.

JoyRide is YOUR Ride

One of the many great things I’ve learned from ALL of the instructors at JoyRide is learning to push yourself beyond your perceived limits. Take things at your own pace. JoyRide really means it when they say, "it's your ride." The pros at JoyRide care about their clients and want us all to get the maximum out of every class, so if you have questions ASK an instructor.

My husband and I have both learned to push past boundaries because we are stronger than we thought. JoyRide has been the incredible balance to my stressful life – I enter the studio stressed out and exit with a happy, peaceful grin.

We both feel like we were given a second chance in life, and we are so blessed to have this opportunity to do things right. Only good has come from this incredible personal journey (with the exception of all of the extra laundry!)