11 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

1. Rhodie Lorenz: "Life is long, you don't have to have everything figured out at 20. Keep your eyes open, work hard, follow your passion and you will land where you are meant to be."

2. Amy Hochhauser: “The hard work and hustle will pay off. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.  And trust your instincts. Your choices may seem risky and your path is not ordinary, but that’s what makes it special.”

3. Mo Prester: “Learn everything you can in computer tech & fitness. Continue to Smile, laugh and enjoy the people that are in your life.”

4. Dina Fay: “Always be yourself and cherish your loved ones.”

5. Dana Klion: “Be 100% YOU! Embrace what makes you weird and different! Those who "get you" will stick around, the rest aren't worth your time!”

6. Roz Koether: "Take more chances and believe in yourself!"

7. Meagen O'Connell: “Stop obsessing over food and calories. Eat and enjoy an indulgence. Don't deprive yourself.”

8. Nicci Chalker: “Don't over commit your self or your time, as it's better to do some things 110% than to do a lot of things half ass. Also, a good smile, a firm handshake and good eye contact will get you much farther in life than a high ACT score!”

9. Selina Santos: "Slow down. Savor the moment. Life moves so fast, take your time." 

10. Mackenzie Pretty: "I learned more from losing games then winning them. All of the skills in life I use to try and succeed now were built out of failures. Persaverence, dedication, teamwork, the ability to overcome adversity …the list goes on. I wish I had known that the moments when I failed where actually the moments that would make me stronger."

11. Armond Jordan: "Trust the process, all of the hard work you're putting in now is preparing you for greatness, it's hard to see the light now, but trust me, it'll shine through in a way you can't even imagine!"