JoyRide: Your Healthy Happy Hour*

What's JoyRide, you ask? Think calorie-torching, endorphin-surged, high-energy, super-athletic group fitness classes. Indoor cycling classes: Cycle, Tabata, Interval + Endurance, Resistance Ride, CycleLIVE, DJ and theme rides. Strength and resistance classes (select studios): Circuit, Sculpt, Pilates, High-Intensity Interval Training, BOSU®, TRX®, Pound®. All served with a large dose of authenticity, JOY, humor and positivity! Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!® Be fit. Be strong. Be JOYful!

*Warning: JoyRide is highly addictive!

The Team That Loves To Spread Joy

Amy Hochhauser

Co-Founder, CEO - "The Wizard"

As a "recovering" attorney living in NYC, Amy was balancing the demands of raising young children with her desire to create a fulfilling career doing something she loved. To channel her energy, she began practicing yoga, taking indoor cycling and studying meditation. She quickly realized that these disciplines had a tremendous positive influence on her ability to manage stress and pain. After moving to Westport in 2009, she sought a fitness community to help her continue her mind-body journey. While she found places to practice yoga, she couldn't find a JOYFUL place to take an indoor cycling class. And then it clicked. She could combine her love of fitness, belief in the power of the mind-body connection, and her passion for business into a career. And with that, JoyRide was born!

Rhodie Lorenz

Co-Founder, CCO - "The Guru"

Rhodie Lorenz attended her first indoor cycling class as a graduate student living in northern California in the 1990s. Fitness had always been an integral part of Rhodie's life, and indoor cycling classes provided the intensity, inspiration, and JOY that got her hooked! Several years later, she became a certified instructor and combined her passion for music, exercise, and teaching into exceptional classes. She developed a following based on her teaching skills, affable personality, and legendary playlists. When Rhodie added the Pilates Method to her certifications and began teaching Pilates, her cycling instruction became greatly informed. Approaching indoor cycling as a mind-body discipline with attention to abdominal core strength, breathing, and form elevated the experience for her and her followers. Indoor cycling became just as much about mental focus and therapy as physical challenge and exertion.