JoyRide Instructors
  • Rhodie Lorenz: cycling & pilates

    Rhodie Lorenz: cycling & pilates

    When the Gods created an indoor cycling studio they called it JoyRide. When they selected its head instructor they called her Rhodie. Roughly translated from Greek, Rhodie means “legs of blinding speed, choreography with heart-thumping rhythm, and ability to reduce a person to a pool of sweat in approximately 50 minutes.” On the bike and off, Rhodie is swift, passionate, and purposeful. She co-founded JoyRide and developed its exclusive method based on her belief that form (based on Pilates principles) + attitude (best positive effort) + good music (rhythm and mood) = a better you. She believes that exercise challenges us to be our best and creates new opportunities for us in the studio and beyond. Not just a goddess on a bike, Rhodie graduated from Georgetown University and holds a master’s in education from Stanford University. Many of her best classes have been choreographed on her kitchen dance floor with the assistance of her three young sons, who are music aficionados by default. 

  • Armond Jordan: cycling & circuit

    Armond Jordan: cycling & circuit

    Armond Jordan: (1) An accomplished athlete (2) An exemplary coach with a mindful approach to fitness (3) A guy who enjoys eggs over easy with a side of Canadian bacon or Belgian waffles any time of day.  Armond's athleticism was cultivated at an early age on the basketball court and on the football field. The intensity of sports offered Armond a glimpse into what pushing one's body to the max can offer in unleashing individual potential.* Sometimes referred to as "Professor Jordan," thanks to his ability to teach the the logic behind the movement.  Armond's coaching incorporates his understanding of exercise physiology, enlightening riders why muscle function is just as important as enjoying breakfast foods morning, noon, or night.  Prof Armond is certified as a personal trainer and has been teaching group fitness for many years.  Now the indoor cycling world (ok, just JoyRide) is jumping for joy that he's adding this exercise discipline to his repetoire. Armond's exercise philosophy echos the JoyRide Method: he teaches with soul, smarts, and a smile. Off the bike and out of the studio, Armond slices a killer backhand in tennis, snowboards with gusto, and works hard at being a stupendous dad.

    * Please note: impressive potential has been unleashed in Armond. 

  • Mackenzie Pretty: cycling

    Mackenzie Pretty: cycling

    Being athletic, motivating, smart, and cool are key attributes of a JoyRide instructor. Mackenzie Pretty is all of the above! She's got a killer smile and she teaches a killer ride. Mackenzie has a unique ability to connect with riders, pull together playlists, and create hard core workouts, earning her a stellar reputation as a top notch indoor cycling instructors. In 2005, Mackenzie turned a lifelong passion for fitness and athletics into a career in group fitness. Instructor Pretty isn't just brawny, she's brainy too. While majoring in Economics, Mackenzie graduated from Fairfield University as co-captain of Fairfield's women's soccer team (not too shabby!). Prior to becoming an instructor, Mackenzie fell in love with indoor cycling when working 14 hours a day in corporate finance trying to squeeze in workouts at the gym. Being a former Division I soccer player, Mackenzie craved the energy, coaching and team atmosphere that is present in group fitness, especially indoor cycling. 

  • Meagen O'Connell: cycling

    Meagen O'Connell: cycling

    As a graduate of Parson's School of Design in NYC and a lifelong soccer player, Meagen is the most fashionable athlete you will meet. Stylish and sporty, refined and rough! Having worked as a buyer and merchandiser for Tommy Hilfiger upon graduation, Meagen soon switched gears from fashion to fitness and pursued her other passion - indoor cycling. While designing the latest in evening wear, Meagen attended her first indoor cycling class in college and it was "love at first ride."  Having instructed for 12 years, this fashionista knows her road well.  The beauty of Meagen's ride is that she makes it look like an effortless stroll down the runway, but her athletic drive ensures a calorie-torching and exhilarating ride! Her playlists are crazy good, and she is a self-proclaimed luvva of old school hip-hop and an R & B junkie (JoyRide luvs too!). Meagen's philosophy: We are all capable of more than we think. When not in the saddle helping JoyRiders reach their lofty fitness goals, Meagen enjoys juicy cheeseburgers & pedicures.

  • Mo Prester: cycling & circuit

    Mo Prester: cycling & circuit

    If Mo were a flavor, you might guess "sweet." He has a beaming smile and happy mug, and you'd be partially correct.  But, in truth, a more accurate description would be "heat."  Trust me, he's got the sweetness, but there is a whole lot of kick, punch, and pow to Mo's ride.  His infectious happiness and ability to perform a song while riding and instructing draws you into your workout before you realize exactly what hit you! Upon graduating from Western Connecticut State, Mo jumped into teaching fitness and has motivated endless fitness enthusiasts to improved health and chiseled bodies. In addition to being a rhythmic instructor who can spin great tunes, Mo is a movie aficionado and computer nerd. He's like an onion! He has so many layers! You will also be pleased to hear that Mo always travels with hot sauce in his gym bag and a portable Bose stereo in his car. "You never know when you are going to need music and spice!" Mo comes prepared JoyRide style - bringing the heat every time! FInd your mo-jo, define your M.O. Sweet!

  • Julianne Mulvey: cycling

    Julianne Mulvey: cycling

    It is a little-known fact that a stationary bike is where some of the best dance moves are born.  It IS common knowledge, however, to anyone who has enjoyed the rhythmic flow of Julianne's ride!  With fluid movement and grace, this tom boy-turned-groovin'-athletic-cycling babe has all the right moves. Julianne is obssessed with the inspiration that comes with riding in a pack and training together towards a common goal. After her second ACL knee surgery, she fell in love with indoor cycling. It was the "only way I could hit a high-sweat-infused endorphin rush and go 100% without full impact." She is obssessed and hooked. Finding rhythm and coordination began early in Julianne's life jumping rope.  She was named Texas state "super skippers" champion when she was ten years old.  She will jump rope in high heels as a party trick (but only if the party is reeeaally slow). Other notable skills include: intramural billiards champion, soccer player, Credit Suisse First Boston investment banker, and photographer. Out of the saddle, this hard-core hip-hop gal can be found snapping photos, cooking or cheering on the soccer side lines. 

  • Alison Vitolo: cycle & sculpt

    Alison Vitolo: cycle & sculpt

    Who puts the JOY in JoyRide Instructor? Alison! Once, Alison partied all night on roller skates. Even if the shots she pounded were wheatgrass, it’s so full-on energetic, goofy, joyous and fun, we couldn’t resist her. She grew up on a diet of ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance, and when she found JoyRide, she found her fitness calling. If there is fun to be had, Alison has found it. With her rocking music, exceptional rhythm and creativity, you’ll hardly notice you worked out until you see the sweat beneath your bike and feel your legs quivering from exhaustion.


  • Emily Kate Swet: cycling & pilates

    Emily Kate Swet: cycling & pilates

    Emily doesn’t wake up in the morning, she turns on.  It was therefore a natural progression to leave the corporate marketing world behind and share her energy and passion as a group exercise instructor -- and with a last name like “Swet,” it was meant to be!  Emily began practicing Pilates over ten years ago, and after seeing both her body and posture transform, she became hooked and pursued training through STOTT Pilates.  Emily believes the focus, clarity, and mind-body connection are the perfect partner to the high energy workouts JoyRide provides. Emily's CoreCycle class offers a shot of energy with a little addiction to keep you coming back for more.  Admittedly equal parts cool and nerd (JoyRide actually recognizes this as a benefit, not a confession), Emily loves running by the beach, spending time with her family, laughing with friends, and is always ready for a spontaneous dance party (no joke, we've seen it happen!).  She is thrilled to be part of the JoyRide team - and we are too!  

  • Roz Koether: cycling

    Roz Koether: cycling

    coming soon!

  • Brian Herman: joygroove

    Brian Herman: joygroove

    Cutting the rug just took on a new meaning at JoyRide. Smooth and cool Brian Herman, JoyRide's internation celebrity, adds a unique flavor to the JoyRide's Studio 2 with heart thumping hip hop dance classes. Bursting with energy and beaming with an infectious smile, Brian choreographs a contemporary dance class that combines an intense cardio workout with some flavorful groovin'. He breaks each step down to build up a heated routine that will shake out your inner Beyonce! Brian grew up in the Bronx and has travelled the world and shared the stage with some of our favorite artist including: Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Sean Kingston, and Sean Paul. When not an international man of all the right moves, Brian spreads joy busting moves at JoyRide! 

  • Tracy Trubovich: cycling

    Tracy Trubovich: cycling

    Born and raised on JoyRide's rival coast, Tracy might just be who the Beach Boys are singing about. A cycling instructor since 1999, she's also a college soccer star, presumably because indoor cycling isn't a competitive sport. Yet. She satisfies her cravings for contention with triathalons and whatnot. But, watch out, folks, this California surfer girl likes burpees. And if she likes burpees, who knows what other physically punishing things she likes. Just be prepared to deal with it when you are on the bike. You may find you're grateful they are not all California cycle instructors.

  • Samantha Duda: cycling

    Samantha Duda: cycling

    JoyRide rule #143: Never wear anything louder than you laugh. Which means Sam can wear purple plaid spandex and a tiara if she wants to. Cycling is her passion, she loves red wine, and her favorite movie is Sixteen Candles. Sam lives by the philosophy that you should "never doubt yourself. If you believe you can do it, you will do it!" So don’t deny it - you too will have a lot talk about, if talking coherently is possible after her scorching workout. If you’re too wiped for conversation, just smile: you’re alive, you made it through her musical journey workout! Ride with Sam and see where that journey takes ya.

  • Robert Newmark: cycling

    Robert Newmark: cycling

    Indoor cycling is truly transformative. Through dedication and commitment, Rob has changed his mind, body, and life through riding. One hundred pounds ago, he was a large man, weighing in at 300+ pounds -- and not as healthy as he is today. "The power of indoor cycling can transorm a body if you make the commitment," Rob tells his riders. And committed he is. This high-tech instructor lost 100 pounds, which helped him rediscover his competitive edge and inner-athlete. He traded in video game-playing and Duchess-dining for indoor cycling. As an instructor, Rob creates a challenging ride, taking his own fitness to new levels and motivating JoyRiders to meet their goals. This lean machine will tell you he doesn't get a year older, he gets a year better -- and JoyRide has been a huge part of that mantra. Rob has a passion for hot yoga, NFL football, and staying in touch with his nerd tech-junkie side too. 

  • Kelvin Smith: circuit

    Kelvin Smith: circuit

    Kelvin’s body is a work of art. Not only does this fitness instructor of seven years chisel his deltoids, pecs, and abs (to name just a few of his impressive muscle groups) to perfection with weight/resistance training and eating a Paleo diet, but the tattoos covering his body are petty darn close replications of the Renaissance masters Benini and DaVinci. While Kelvin’s many tattoos are inspired by his travels around the world, his many muscles inspire JoyRiders to improved weight training skills! Kelvin will “help you tap into your inner beast.” Which is so amazingly cool JoyRide had to quote it and offer him a job. He has left the carnival, culture, and corruption of Miami and Brazil and sambaed his way to JoyRide!  The calm, collected Kelvin will ache, burn, and rip your body into an impeccable masterpiece. 

  • Megan Caron: cycling

    Megan Caron: cycling

    And now, for someone truly inspirational. Megan demonstrates determination and follow through in her life as well as in each of her classes. Megan's weight loss mission has left her over 50 pounds lighter today then she was last year, and she continues to torch calories in every class she teaches. She discovered JoyRide after realizing that 18-hour days of working in costumes for TV stars was a stressful and inactive way to pass the day. Megan is a committed rider who ispires our teen classes in Darien on Tuesdays and Thursdays - teaching the next generation of JoyRiders that exercise is essential to a well-balanced joyful life! Megan is a no-excuses, kill-the-calories, rock-out-and-dance instructor who’ll make you feel the JOY through the pain.

  • Sara Beckert: cycling

    Sara Beckert: cycling

    coming soon!

  • Jared Marinelli: cycling

    Jared Marinelli: cycling

    Avid outdoor cyclist, musician, artist, masseuse, hunk… oh, and above all, one of the most motivational indoor cycling instructors you’ll find. Is there anything that Jared cannot do? This multi-talented, “crazy” outdoor cyclist simply loves to ride. During the off-season, he became antsy and to satisfy his need to cycle he tried indoor cycling.  He was “immediately addicted.” Jared is extremely savvy about the outdoor-indoor cycling connection and brings that aura to his class. Get set for a rhythmic, well-choreographed class with an amazing music mix (he is a musician after all!). He will make sure you are switching off the outside world and switching on your attention to your body, your ride, and your workout!

  • Amanda Shortt: cycling

    Amanda Shortt: cycling

    Ridgefield resident Amanda Shortt is decidedly not “short” on energy and enthusiasm for cycling! Her passion for all things health, nutrition and fitness is contagious and that path is exactly what lead her straight to indoor cycling. Not only is she a TKO, but she is a natural coach on the bike and will help you find the body and mind connection in her class. In fact, her ultimate goal is to inspire you to be the best you can be! And as a self-described “obsessive” music fan - you’re sure to groove on her playlists. Off the bike Amanda pursues her love for road races (anything from 5K through to marathon is fair game). Luckily her canine pal, Diesel, typically joins her for her outdoor runs - which makes her training all the more enJOYable!


  • Megan Boyle: cycling

    Megan Boyle: cycling

    If JoyRide were a dating site, Megan’s personal ad would look like this: “Cycling instructor, fitness trainer and nutrition nerd; former cheerleader; loves the beach, sunsets, Eddie $, tacos, bacon. Enjoys sweat (preferably her own), dancing, and elephants.” We might also include that she loves challenges and children, but that status is pending until she babysits our kids. And if we were a cycling and fitness studio (which JoyRide is), her bio would look like this: “Cycling and fitness instructor. Eats bacon and tacos but burns so many calories on the bike she looks like a vegan. Oh, and she loves sweat and loves a challenge!” So come prepared to work out like a carnivorous, sweat-loving, thrill-seeker. And don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  • Vicki Lopez: pilates

    Vicki Lopez: pilates

    Vicki Lopez started her Pilates experience when her two- to three-hour daily workouts were taken away due to a back injury. Pilates made Vicki stronger and gave her the confidence to take on life - as well as take on teenagers on the basketball court!  Vicki uses Pilates to balance the body both as a post-rehabilitated tool and as a great workout. If you have taken Pilates with Vicki, you know she has the habit of using the cue, "now just for fun!" right before she makes her clients work harder!

  • Heidi Freyer

    Heidi Freyer

  • Tony Hernandez: circuit & sculpt

    Tony Hernandez: circuit & sculpt

    Tony, puts the JOY in JoyCircuit! He may look like a teddy bear, but this bundle o’ muscle is more than just a friendly face. Light on his feet and quick with a joke (or a friendly jab!), Tony rocks the weight training drills and skills of JoyRide’s circuit classes. Injured during a sports competition years ago, Tony waved a teary good-bye to the playing fields and turned to bodybuilding and motivating others to success. When he and his basketball star wife aren’t coaching the Greenwich girls’ high school basketball team to victories, he’s traumatizing JoyRiders’ muscles to hypertrophy. But, don’t fret: the basketball coach/ bodybuilding champion/ trainer-of-athletes adds so much levity to his hardcore workouts you’ll almost forget you’re in pain! HA HA HA! Kidding. No one’s that funny. But Tony comes close.

  • Meeghan White: pilates

    Meeghan White: pilates

    This former JP Morgan financial guru brings her smarts and sparkling smile into the Pilates studio, training clients to get leaner, longer, and stronger. Prior to her career in fitness, Meeghan worked 18-hour days crunching numbers on Wall Street and flying on airplanes to advise clients in different parts of the country. Now, she crunches abs on the reformer and teaches a mean Flying Leg Springs exercise on the Cadillac. The nature of her finance job led to her becoming "a mess, and I felt like a ball of stress." Meeghan began taking Pilates classes to alleviate back pain and reduce stress, and fell in love with the method. Soon enough, this math whiz left her corporate job and attended the Kane School of Core Integration in NYC. Now, she is a super-duper, rock-star JoyRide instructor who adds classical and contemporary Pilates flair to her training. Multiply that by fun, plus results, and that equals a mind/body transformation! 

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