JoyRide Instructors
  • Emily Kate Swet: cycling & pilates

    Emily Kate Swet: cycling & pilates

    Her Ride: A shot of energy with a little addiction to keep you coming back for more.

    Fitness Tip: Nothing makes you feel better than doing what you thought you couldn’t.

    Greatest JOY: Laughing, laughing, laughing!

    After seeing her body and posture transform through Pilates, she pursued her certification as a STOTT Pilates instructor. Emily kissed her corporate marketing job bye-bye and metamorphosed into a rock star group exercise instructor who survives on kick-butt music, spontaneous dance parties, and sweat, sweat, sweat.

  • Mo Prester: cycling & circuit

    Mo Prester: cycling & circuit

    His Class: Challenging. Very, very challenging.

    Fitness Tip: Your body can only change if you believe it can.  And eat green leafy vegetables.

    Greatest JOY: Seeing people slamming their fitness goals.

    Upon graduating from Western Connecticut State, Mo earned ISSA certification for personal training. Since then, Mo’s infectious happiness and rhythm belie his eagerness to reduce JoyRiders to quivering masses of defeated muscle groups. He loves hot sauce, computers and knee socks.


  • Armond Jordan: cycling, circuit & BOSU

    Armond Jordan: cycling, circuit & BOSU

    His Class: Intense, fun and unapologetic.

    Fitness Tip: Fitness isn’t about being competitive; it’s about being progressive.

    Greatest JOY: Helping riders accomplish their goals. And Belgian waffles with Canadian bacon.

    With an athleticism cultivated on the basketball court and the football field, Armond's coaching stresses the importance of muscle function off the bike and out of the studio. A NASM-certified personal trainer specializing in group fitness, Armond also slices a killer backhand in tennis, snowboards with gusto and is a stupendous dad.

  • Meagen O'Connell: cycling

    Meagen O'Connell: cycling

    Her Ride: An inspiring, athletic, thoughtfully crafted ride.

    Fitness Tip: Take a Tabata class and learn to live outside your comfort zone!

    Greatest JOY: Watching people's lives transform from the power of indoor cycling and group exercise.

    JoyRide’s resident fashionista and Parson’s School of Design graduate set her designs on indoor cycling as a co-ed. After a stint at Tommy Hilfiger, she ditched her designer duds for spandex leggings and taught cycling and boot camp along the East Coast. She is a self-proclaimed luvva of old-school hip-hop and an R & B junkie.

  • Rhodie Lorenz: cycling & pilates

    Rhodie Lorenz: cycling & pilates

    Her Ride: A high-intensity, joyful challenge

    Fitness Tip: Train with others and work toward a common goal.

    Greatest JOY: Creating positive changes on the bike and off.

    Co-founder and head instructor of JoyRide, Rhodie has been teaching indoor cycling in Fairfield County for more than 10 years. Her proprietary Pilates-based JoyRide technique maximizes the cardio and endurance benefits of indoor cycling. Rhodie graduated from Georgetown University and holds a master’s degree in education from Stanford University. Her best classes are choreographed on her kitchen dance floor with her three young sons, who are music aficionados by default. 

  • Mackenzie Pretty: cycling, sculpt, BOSU & HIIT

    Mackenzie Pretty: cycling, sculpt, BOSU & HIIT

    Her Ride: A killer workout.

    Fitness Tip: Challenge = Change.  Work outside of your comfort zone!  Achieving your goals are worth all the hard work!

    Greatest JOY: Challenging riders to reach their personal best ... and seeing them achieve their goals on and off the bike!

    Mackenzie left Fairfield University as co-captain of Fairfield's women's soccer team and graduated to 14 hours a day in corporate finance. She craved the energy, coaching and team atmosphere of group fitness and fell in love with indoor cycling, which led her to become a top-notch JoyRide instructor and Westport Magazine cover model!

  • Alison Vitolo: cycle & sculpt

    Alison Vitolo: cycle & sculpt

    Her Ride: A full-throttle workout that will push riders to their limits. If their legs are numb, she’s done her job.

    Fitness Tip: Always check your form – and don’t hesitate to ask an instructor for help.

    Greatest JOY: The moment the lights go down, the music turns up and the pedals start humming. And parties.

    Once, Alison partied all night on roller skates. Even if the shots she pounded were wheatgrass, it’s so goofy and fun, we couldn’t resist her. She grew up on a diet of ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance, and when she found JoyRide, she found her fitness calling. If there is fun to be had, Alison will find it!


  • Roz Koether: cycling

    Roz Koether: cycling

    Her Class: Kills it in less than an hour.

    Fitness Tip: If you rest, you rust.

    Greatest JOY: Sailing with Sting (in her dreams...)

    The tomboy-turned-barrista of beauty and brawn is JoyRide’s esquire of cycling! Roz first courted indoor cycling to shake off her lawyerly woes. She worked her way up to instructor and has been motivating JoyRiders -- and dispensing sound legal advice -- ever since.

  • Selina Santos: cycling

    Selina Santos: cycling

    Her class: Fast sprints, powerful climbs, and boss loops!

    Fitness Tip: Set your goal, connect, then conquer it one sprint, one climb, one loop at time.

    Greatest JOY: Walking into the studio and feeling the breadth of my potential. 

    Selina is a unique hybrid of salsa-dancer, violinist and punk rock fan. Throw in a TV production career and you’ve got a recipe for fast, loud, ever-changing, always-energetic rides! Oh, and she collects cookbooks, too. So if you can’t stand the heat...

  • Rebecca Crawford: cycling

    Rebecca Crawford: cycling

    Her Ride: Fierce and FUN.

    Fitness Tip: Challenge + Conquer = Change.

    Greatest JOY: Finding inspiration in unexpected places.


    Did she really quote Yoda? Oh, yes she did! Because the force is with Rebecca: she has three small kids, is a hard-core JoyRide instructor AND a real estate agent. In her precious free moments, she cranks up a playlist and boogies down with her kids. Not even Darth Vader had that kind of energy.

  • Samantha Duda: cycling

    Samantha Duda: cycling

    Her Ride: A varied and intense, fun and challenging ride.

    Fitness Tip: Never doubt yourself. If you believe you can do it, you’ll do it.

    Greatest JOY: “Having a job I love!”

    JoyRide rule #143: Never wear anything louder than you laugh. Which means Sam can wear purple plaid and a tiara if she wants to. So you two will have a lot talk about, if talking coherently is possible after her scorching workout. If you’re too wiped for conversation, just smile: you made it through her musical journey workout!



  • C.J. Bazile: cycling & circuit

    C.J. Bazile: cycling & circuit

    His class: Creative, high-energy, and as “fun” as a grueling workout can be.

    Fitness tip: Fitness is a competition with yourself; make every workout better than the last.

    Greatest JOY: Living life to the fullest while helping others reach their goals.

    Our resident kinesiologist fell for fitness while on his high school’s swim team and has pursued the study of exercise ever since. He’s also a dancer and a model. For real. (Yes, it’s good to be at JoyRide.)

  • Vanessa Feigen: cycling

    Vanessa Feigen: cycling

    Her Class: Intense enough to be felt the next day.

    Fitness Tip: If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will believe in you.

    Greatest JOY: Spinning tunes while pushing pedals! And wearing microphones.

    A cyclist since age 16, Vanessa will delight you with her incredible playlists before surgically removing you from your comfort zone.  Yet she’s sweet and caring enough to be an aspiring nurse. Let’s hope her bedside manner is kinder than her classes. She'll make you dig deep and let loose!

  • Kelvin Smith: circuit

    Kelvin Smith: circuit

    His Class: Kelvin will ache, burn and rip your body into a masterpiece.

    Fitness Tip: Shut up and put up: If you can talk while you exercise, then WORK HARDER.

    Greatest JOY: Sweat angels on the floor

    Not only has this seasoned fitness instructor chiseled his body to perfection with weight/resistance training and a Paleo diet, but Kelvin’s many tattoos are near-perfect replicas of Renaissance originals. And he has almost as many fitness certifications as tattoos, from sports medicine to DVRT. Now, all of this doesn’t mean he’s perfect. (Actually, maybe it does.)


  • Tony Hernandez: circuit

    Tony Hernandez: circuit

    His Class: always unique, always spicy, always demanding.

    Fitness Tip: Train insane or remain the same!

    When Tony and his wife aren’t coaching the Greenwich girls’ high school basketball team to victories, he’s shredding JoyRiders’ muscles. But don’t fret: the basketball coach/bodybuilding champion/trainer-of-athletes adds so much levity to his hardcore workouts, you’ll forget you’re in pain!  

  • Brian Herman: joygroove

    Brian Herman: joygroove

    His Class: A contemporary dance class combining an intense cardio workout with heart-thumping hip-hop choreography.

    Fitness Tip: Make it fun and mix it up.

    Brian Herman, JoyRide's international celebrity, adds a unique “flava” to Studio 2 with some seriously flavorful groovin'. Trained by famed choreographers from NYC, L.A., and Europe, Brian has travelled the world and shared the stage with some amazing artists including: Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Sean Kingston and Sean Paul.  

  • Heidi Freyer: pilates

    Heidi Freyer: pilates

    Her Class: A powerful, precise, and creative workout

    Greatest JOY: Co-teaching with her mother and sister

    Fitness tip: You’re never too old to set a new goal


    Heidi pirouetted her way to JoyRide by way of dance: ballet, modern and Broadway. An injury sidelined her performance career and helped her discover Pilates. So she may not be traveling with a troupe anymore, but she is turning us mere mortals into hot ballerina versions of ourselves. 

  • Meeghan White: pilates

    Meeghan White: pilates

    Her Class: Classical and contemporary Pilates with crazy-good results.

    Fitness Tip: Close your toes, squeeze your knees and push from your tush.


    Before she began crunching abs on the reformer, “math whiz Meeghan” crunched numbers on Wall Street 18 hours a day. When finance reduced her body to a messy ball of stress, Pilates transformed it to the rock-star physique one you see before you.


  • Vicki Lopez: pilates

    Vicki Lopez: pilates

    Her Class: Excellent for body balance, as a rehab tool, and a great workout.

    Vicki Lopez loved her three workouts a day, but sadly, her back didn’t. Then she turned to Pilates, which made her strong enough to take on teenagers on the basketball court! If you’ve taken Pilates with Vicki, you know she likes to say, "now just for fun!" right before it’ll be anything but.

  • Anna Zap: circuit

    Anna Zap: circuit

    Her Class: Designed to get results. Intense but still silly and fun.

    Fitness Tip: Always play awesome music and tell yourself out loud you can do anything -- and you will. There’s something about hearing yourself say it aloud that pushes you further. Oh, and squat. Squat a lot.  

    Greatest JOY: Making people laugh. Seeing results in my students.

    Missy Elliot once called her a dumb [rhymes with witch] for mistakening her for Queen Latifah, but this 99.9 radio host and fitness instructor is as sharp as you can get!  After realizing that the "baby fat" excuse was no longer sufficient with a two-year-old, she made life changes that finally included exercise. After seeing results, she knew that she needed to show people that if she could do it, literally anyone could. Being in radio, you can expect to hear all the best new music first in her classes and she believes in never doing the exact same workout twice.  Her credo? There's nothing more cleansing than a great sweat!


  • Dina: circuit & bosu

    Dina: circuit & bosu

    coming soon!


  • Amy: trx & hiit

    Amy: trx & hiit

    coming soon!

  • Kelly Middleton: cycling

    Kelly Middleton: cycling

  • Jaime Falco: cycling

    Jaime Falco: cycling

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