Nicci Chalker

Nicci Chalker



If you grew up playing sports, what was your favorite?

Basketball. I loved the team aspect, I loved the competitive edge it gave me, I loved that you didn't have to be the most skilled to be the most effective, and loved that everyone had individual jobs on the court for the better of the team, AND I loved that you could just run and run and run!


What’s your “rallying” phrase to get yourself psyched before class?  ?PRACTICE like you've never won, PERFORM like you've never lost


What are you most excited about in life right now?  ?Basketball season is about to start, and I'm headed into my second year of coaching in a league of all boy players and all men coaches, and I'm psyched for the challenge and to continue to have the opportunity to teach two of my favorite things in the same season — basketball and cycling!


What’s your idea of perfect happiness?  ?Doing what I love, being with my family who I love, and having my kids pack their own lunches and snacks in the morning!


How would your friends describe you? ?Very loyal, very sporty, very present, very unselfish and very verbal


What was your first job? ?My brother and I had a paper route — we delivered newspapers very early in the morning, and I remember rolling and bagging them and then trying to throw them as close to the porch all while riding my bike (clearly it was getting me ready to be able to teach and ride an indoor cycling bike at the same time!). I have such great memories of that job, but it was hard work!

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