Jaime Falco

Jaime Falco

Westport Darien Ridgefield Wilton


Her ride: Known for her contagious energy, killer double times and not missing a single beat, Jaime will make you work hard and earn your cool down!  Every playlist pulls from diverse music from all genres and generations. 

Fitness Tip: With fitness (and in life), be all in or get all out. There is no half-way. 

Greatest JOY: Being surrounded by people who are extremely passionate about what they do. Passion is everything. A close second would be laying on a beach in Greece, eating Skittles. 



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jaime's Upcoming Schedule

Thu 3/30 5:30 PM Cycle 50min JoyRide Darien Reserve
Fri 3/31 6:00 AM Cycle 50min JoyRide Darien Reserve
Wed 3/29 9:45 AM Cycle 50min JoyRide Westport Reserve
Sat 4/01 11:00 AM Cycle60 60min JoyRide Westport Reserve
Wed 3/29 6:30 PM Cycle 50min JoyRide Wilton Reserve

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