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What is Indoor Cycling?

Indoor cycling is a group fitness class led by an instructor and set to music. Riders are on stationary bikes and taken through a heart-pumping, music-thumping, fantastic interval cardio workout. An average of 450-600 calories are burned per class.

What makes a JoyRide class different from Spinning® classes offered at gyms?

Just about everything! JoyRide is a dedicated, stadium style indoor cycling studio with great acoustics, amazing music and atmospheric lighting. Riders are transported to a place where they can focus on achieving their personal best performance. In addition, every instructor at JoyRide is certified in The JoyRide Method, ensuring that the quality and consistency of experience is exceptional every time! Finally, many of our classes incorporate upper bodywork on the bike – a JoyRide head to toe!

Do I have to be a member of JoyRide to take a class?

Nope! You pay as you ride.You can purchase individual classes online or at the studio, or for a discounted rate; packages of 10, 20 or 50 are available. Riders manage their own accounts online, can reserve for the week ahead (new schedule posts on Sundays at 12 Noon), and can select their individual bike. 

Do I have to wear cycling shoes?

You don’t have to, but it’s a better ride if you do. Our bikes have clips for cycling shoes on one side of the pedal and a cage for sneakers on the other side. Riding with cycling shoes is a smoother and more efficient ride. We recommend SPD pedal clips. If you have LOOK pedal clips, we have a few bikes that offer these clips. Please check ahead of time to reserve the correct bike. Cycling shoes are available for purchase at the studio.

What is the cancellation policy?

Reservations for all classes must be canceled by 6PM the night before your scheduled class.  If you do not cancel before 6PM, you will lose your class.

How does the waitlist work?

We know the feeling...the class you want is FULL.  But have no fear, our waitlist works!  As bikes open up, we assign them to customers in order on the waitlist.  We continue to automatically add riders from the waitlist to classes up until the day of the class.  When you are automatically added, you will receive an email confirmation stating that you have been placed on a bike.  Please note: if a bike becomes available on the day of the class, we will NOT automatically enroll you.  We will call all waitlisted riders and will only enroll them if they confirm.  On the day of the class, it is a first-come, first-served policy.  Whomever we speak to first, gets the bike.  Also, if we have walk-ins on the day of the class, they will get priority.  So it makes sense to SHOW UP to all classes you want to take.  There are almost always last minute no-shows and empty bikes.

Remember, before you can put yourself on the waitlist, you have to purchase a class (or have a class in your account). If you don't get a bike, the series will be returned to your account for later use.   Also, the waitlist works the same as a regular class reservation.  If you do not remove yourself from the waitlist by 6PM the night before the class, you many be added to the class after the cancellation period has expired. 

If you are scheduled for one class and then receive a bike from the waitlist for another class, you will be charged for both reservations.

If I miss my class, can I take another class within the same day and not be charged?

If you call JoyRide to cancel your class 30 minutes prior to the start of the class, we will allow you to take another class within the same day for no charge! However, if you are a 'no show' or if it is within 30 minutes of the start time, you will lose the class you were signed up for.

What is the "Three Strike Rule" for unlimited packages?

There is a three strike policy for Monthly and Yearly Unlimited package holders.  If you miss more than three classes without cancelling by 6 PM the night before your scheduled class, you will be charged a $25 missed class fee. This fee will be charged for each subsequent missed class that is not cancelled in the appropriate time frame.

What happens if I am late to a cycling class?

When a JoyRide class begins, if you are not present at the studio, your bike will be given to a waiting customer.  If there are no waiting customers and you arrive after the class begins, you will not be able to enter until after the warm up song.  Under all circumstances, there will be NO ADMITTANCE to class after 5 minutes for your safety and to prevent disruption to riders.

I have taken a few indoor cycling classes, but found the bike too uncomfortable to enjoy the benefits. Maybe it’s not for me?

Okay, we hear this sometimes and we don’t want you giving up so easily! For some riders new to indoor cycling, the seat and positioning on the bike takes getting used to. With a few classes under your belt, with proper form while riding, and with appropriate resistance on the flywheel, you will adjust in no time – and get hooked (we guarantee)! 

Does JoyRide have showers and childcare?

In both Westport and Darien we have showers and lockers!

In Westport, we also have childcare via our neighbor, Kaia Yoga.   To schedule, please contact Kaia directly at 203.532.0660.  To learn more about the program visit

What is JoyRide's policy on inclement weather and snow days/delayed openings?

We will very rarely cancel classes or close the studio, but if we must, we will try and give you as much notice as possible!  Starting the night before, please check the web site schedule, as well as Facebook and Twitter, for studio closing updates.  

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