JoyRide Classes


A 'JoyRide' is a 50-minute indoor cycling class that includes aerobic and anerobic interval training. Rides are set to rocking music and incorporate resistance and speed training as well as upper body arm work.

Teen Cycle

Same as Cycle, but for teens! Geared for minimum age 13 up to 19 years old, riders must be 4'10". Parent permission required. Print out the "Medical Waiver and Release Form" located on the "Schedule & Reserve" page and bring to class!


A 'JoyRide' with high intensity interval drills. Drills are 20 seconds of high intensity, 10 seconds of recovery, repeated for four minutes, one minute rest and repeat. Tabata training is the most effective way to get fit and lose weight.


A high-intensity, circuit-style interval training that will complement your ride! JoyCircuit creates muscular and cardio endurance. Chisel those hard-working muscles! It's like having a personal trainer in a motivating group setting.


A JoyRide set to live music! What could be better? Join our own rocking in-house band, ThirdGear for a rock infused LIVE ride!

Figure Method

The Figure Methodâ„¢ is a non-impact form of exercise that improves posture and flexibility while creating long, lean muscles. The Figure regimen, based on the principles of ballet, yoga, Pilates and orthopedic exercises, incorporates both a ballet barre and light weights. Muscle groups are shaped and strengthened through slow and precise movements followed by intense stretching to avoid building bulk.


Cycling and running world records have been broken on this scientifically-based training principle. 51/49 negative split drills offer riders the opportunity to train like an athlete. During the first 51% of the timed trial, riders hold a steady aerobic pace, during the second 49% of the timed trials riders push to their anaerobic threshold and beyond. Instructors will teach two to three drill sets per class.


Enjoy remixed tunes spun by our in-house DJ Dharma. It's like JoyRiding at a nightclub with high energy and amazing music!

JoyBOSU Blast

This total body workout combines strength and cardio with an extra serving of balance training to rock your core. The BOSU ball, or balance trainer, makes exercises extra challenging by creating instability, which forces you to use your core!


A 35 minute cycle class and 25 minute sculpt/ toning in studio 2.


Get your body toned and trimmed and strengthen muscles you didn't know you had! A full body workout (arms! legs! abs!) and another perfect match to your JoyRide!

Mat Pilates

Pilates focuses on strengthen the abdominal and postural muscles while lengthening and improving flexibility. A perfect balance to a JoyRide! (Studio 2).


Get your groove on with this high intensity, non-stop, hip hop style cardio class. Less choreography than a JoyGroove, but even more intensity. It's a workout on the dance floor!


A cardio hip-hop dance party, I mean class. Boogie and groove while burning calories and cutting the rug!


Get more bang for your buck, more benefit from your workout with 30 minute of indoor cycling + 30 minutes of mat Pilates = awesomeness!

Interval + Endurance

High intensity interval training pairing the benefits of Tabata with Endurance work.


Joybata is a strength and endurance building class off of the bike! Training with high interval reps for 20 seconds with a quick 10 second recovery is the fastest way to improve fitness levels and torch calories! (Studio 2).


Ride and support our newest rising JoyRide star instructors on us! Take this free class as our latest instructors test out their skills and make their debut.


The MOBILITY PROJECT is a culmination of essential components including tissue work to release the fascia and tension, band work to increase joint mobility and initiate "resets" in the body, dynamic and static stretching for flexibility and strength, and primal movements to focus on retraining the body's original movement patterns and the ability to perform better and more efficiently.

Mobility lies at the center of all functional movement.


Time to mix it up! JoyHIIT is an off-the-bike high intensity interval training class, combining strength and cardio movements. Training with high interval repetitions and quick recoveries is one of the fastest ways to improve fitness levels and torch calories. Be prepared for anything and everything (especially results)!

JoyTRX Fusion

All core, all the time! TRX suspension training uses your own body weight and gravity to deliver fast and effective total body workouts. There is an endless number of cardio and strength exercises so you could literally take this class every week and never repeat an exercise!

Empowerment Workshop

This workshop will be about new beginnings, transitions, facing fears, letting go and finding JOY! The spave we will create WILL be one that is safe, trusting, and powerful unique and fun!

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