NEW JoyX Westport Classes & Location Tab!

NEW JoyX Westport Classes & Location Tab!

Mon Jul 17, 2017

Who’s ready for some Xtreme JOY? JoyX, the newest boutique studio brought to you by the JoyRide Studio team, offers a variety of classes to test your fitness level and help you achieve RESULTS. Depending on the class format, you will have have access to a combination of fitness tools including: boxing bags, rowing machines, heavy weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, jump ropes, kettlebells, ladders and more.


We offer several different class formats to meet all of your fitness needs! To learn more, check out our updated class descriptions below and book your JoyX class through our NEW JoyX page at www.joyridestudio.com/joyx.



Half boxing + half rowing. JoyX studio’s signature class is a full-body, high-intensity hybrid workout using rowing machines and boxing bags for eight rounds, combined with dynamic floor exercises.



Boxing bags + strength and conditioning exercises (NO rowing). JoyBoX is a high-intensity workout that focuses on the key elements of boxing and kickboxing for four, three-minute rounds combined with floor exercises.



Boxing bags + floor workout + 2 instructors = 50 minutes of sweat. Half the class starts on the boxing bags, while the other hits the floor for a boot camp-style strength and cardio workout.



A full-body, circuit-style workout that incorporates a variety of strength and conditioning exercises, using equipment such as battle ropes, weights, kettle bells and rowing machines.


Questions? Ask us! You may call the studio at 203.557.0604 or email our info line at infojoyx@joyridestudio.com.

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