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Back to School, Back to JOY!

While it's always sad to say goodbye to summer, there is something refreshing about getting back into a routine. The start of a new season is the perfect opportunity to renew your fitness goals.  So come back to JoyRide and start fresh!

Here are some incentives to help get you going:

1.  A FREE Class: Use promo code BACKTOJOY to redeem your free class on our site HERE.

2. Refer a Friend: Earn a second FREE class by referring a friend.  Simply have your friend enter your name in the referral field when they create an account and you will earn an additional free class.  

Need more motivation?  Read Rhodie's top tips on for keeping your workout regimen strong!   

See you at JoyRide!


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Guest Blogger: JoyRider Joanie Landau

The Morning Shout-Out

Several mornings a week, I revert to being a first grader.* I’m not proud, especially since it’s been an eternal 47 years.  [* Footnote: the name of my first grade teacher was Mr. First. Dead serious.]

I cycle at the aptly named JoyRide Studio in Westport, Conn. Instructor and co-owner Rhodie Lorenz is a spin and speed dynamo. She rides so fast her legs disappear like the Looney Tunes Road Runner. She is Motivator, DeeJay, and the Dalai Lama for 44 disciples who wage an online battle every Sunday at noon to snatch their favorite Schwinn for the week ahead. The privilege of parking our Lululemon-clad tushes in one of Rhodie’s classes is like winning a weekly lotto.

Rhodie’s “shout-outs” start midway into class. They are an essential part of our call to action:

“You are stronger than you know! Unlock your potential!?The story is yours to write! Think about how far you’ve come! Let’s go, Carrie! That’s it, Diana!”

And there I sit, like a first grader on Bike 7. In between moments of having a stunning mind-body experience, I become Horshack from Welcome Back, Kotter. I lock eyes with Her Holiness and scream at her with my mind:

“OOOOH OOOH, Rhodie, look! I’m sweating profusely and get the defibrillator ready! OOOH OOOH I’m spinning faster than Usain Bolt! So please give me a shout-out!!!”

I burn my wish into her consciousness like a Vulcan Mind-Meld and wait for it....any moment’s coming.....

“You got it, Joanie!” BOOYA!

Thank the Gods, as they say on Game of Thrones. Cracking knees and aching hips be damned, I’ll be back tomorrow. Love you, Rhodie.

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Instructor Spotlight: Heidi Freyer

Instructor Spotlight: Heidi Anne Freyer

Mat Pilates Classes:  Monday 8:45 a.m and Tuesday 9:45 a.m. (Darien)


What makes you happy?

I find joy in doing anything fitness related. I absolutely love the fact that I make a career out of doing what I love: teaching!! When I am not teaching, I find joy spending time with my family, rock climbing and dancing. 


What are you known for? 
I am known for being a ballet and modern dancer who loves to give tough classes. 


What is your favorite spinning song? More recently I love Luke Bryan- " That's my kind of night"


What's your guilty pleasure song?

My guilty pleasure songs would be The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" and The Black Eyed Peas' "Pump It"

What motivates you?
Having a strong healthy body that can perform what I need it to do, such as teaching several classes a day. Also, developing strength through cross- training so that I can dance like I used to. 


6. Top spinning tips

- alignment is key to preventing injury

- have fun..if you enjoy it you will ultimately perform better and get better results

- repetition...the key to being successful and makes changes in fitness is practice/consistency


7. Facts about me..

- I used to dance professionally for a small modern dance company 

- I love to rock climb

- my favorite meal is a green juice and dark chocolate bar:)

- I was a line cook at both Capital grill and Barcelona and still continue to cook for mission trips

- I have skied the Alps

- I love spending time with my family especially when we are doing active things

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JoyRide Spotlight: Donna Alderman

JoyRider Profile: Donna Alderman


Q: How long have you been an avid JoyRider?   

I found Joy at the beginning of last summer, at the prodding… er, challenge of my younger daughter who bluntly advised: “Mom, there is a difference between being thin and being fit. You are thin, but you are not fit. Come spinning with me.” I knew that she wasn't talking about weaving yarn, but I had no idea what 'spinning' was all about. Aside from realizing that in fact I was not fit, and that I wanted to do something about that, I got hooked on the positive energy all around me, and in particular, the JoyRide instructors.

Spinning is something I love to do for my mind and body, but my soul felt so much better spinning with Joyful people who exude positive energy and share their hearts so generously with each of us and the communities in which we live.        


Q: What’s your weekly Joy schedule/ fitness regimen? 

I have become a Joy Addict, and tend to schedule my day around my workout schedule, which is one perk of being semi-retired!  Ideally, I do back-to-back spin and studio 2 classes each morning, 6 days a week. I have tried most of the studio classes, and try to balance between circuit, Pilates and sculpt in addition to spin.  I find the combination gives me a  great balance of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.    


Q: What were/are your fitness goals? 

Well for starters, it was to get fit. (And to get rid of some of those jiggles that snuck up and moved in on my body over the years.)  That fast evolved into getting fitter and getting stronger.  I am a quasi 'has been' competitive athlete and don't really embark upon something unless I plan to give it my all… so I suppose that my fitness goals will continue to evolve.  


Q: What kinds of results have you seen since working out at JoyRide?  

Most important, I am happier, and of course more Joyful -seriously!  There really is something about those endorphins coursing through the body.  I feel more like an athlete again, physically as well as mentally, which makes me feel better about me.  Strong really IS the new thin!    


Q: Have you had to overcome any health issues or injuries?

I prefer to think of it as managing around acquired weaknesses… most of us will have some sort of injury or ailment to deal with by midlife.  I am proud of those because it means that i didn't leave much on the table. Go hard, or go home!  These days my knees are my weak spot, and that area which requires exercise 'management.'  A few skiing accidents resulting in ligament and cartilage damage and a fox hunting mishap resulting in a minor leg fracture a couple of years ago keep me honest with my knees today.  I still ski and ride but I also now make smarter choices about the 'exercise' I do -- indoor cycling is so much easier on the knees than running.  

This is a good place to advocate technology and extoll the virtues of tommy copper:  they make an incredible copper- infused fabric that for some clever reason takes the ache away… not really sure why, nor do I care.  I wear the knee sleeves every night and they have had an amazing effect. Try them out, really!  #liferecharged          


Q: How do you recommend JoyRide to your friends/ daughters?  

Since my daughter brought me in to JoyRide and is away at college, I have started bringing some of her friends, and my friends' daughters, to JoyRide with me.  Many of my friends are in their 60s and themselves managing their own body 'issues' and are a little intimidated. I happen to be an 'all out' kind of girl, but I also appreciate that slow and steady wins the race for many people. I explain that JoyRide is an 'at your own pace' workout and that a strong mind and core are fundamental to a strong and healthy body.  They will all make it in for a JoyRide, this I know. 


Q: What are your favorite songs / music to spin to?  What kinds of songs motivate you? 

I don't really have any favorite songs, although I do love Pharrell's 'Happy' right now.  I very much appreciate great music with a strong beat when I ride. The instructors's energy is primary in motivating me regardless of the genre of music but I do prefer stuff that I know, especially dance and club music and hip hop so that I can get lost in the beat when i get my Joy on.  

Q: Your enthusiasm is infectious. Why is a positive attitude important?   

In life -- in the gym or studio, on the street, any and everywhere -- a positive attitude is the starting point for happiness. And happiness is at the base of good health. The longer we live, the more experiences we will have, and the more experiences we all have the more tough ones seem to find there way into our lives.  If we are fortunate enough to be able to wake up each day, stand on our own two feet and live in the communities that we do, we already have a helluva lot to be thankful for.  I have experienced plenty of stuff along the way [one day you can read my book! haha] but I am able to find the humor and strength in all of it. What doesn't kill us surely does make us stronger, those experiences and of course JoyRide!  




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