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Flash Sale: Why Cycling Shoes Are Better for Your Ride

If you’re looking for that perfect “gift that keeps on giving” for your JoyRide-obsessed friend or family member, give the gift of cycling shoes!  From Thursday, December 11 to Sunday, December 14, JoyRide is offering 20% off select merchandise, including life-changing (oh yes, and ride-changing) cycling shoes!

Here’s why:

All cool sports have gear. Skiing and swimming have goggles, tennis has wristbands and racquets, car racers and baseball players have gloves, and cyclists have special shoes. In addition to enhancing athletic image (we have to play the part, right?), gear improves performance and efficiency.

New riders often ask, "Will I be able to walk tomorrow?" which is quickly followed by, "Do I need special shoes?" Answer: Yes, and no, but recommended. New riders will be able to walk the day after their first indoor cycling class. Stairs are questionable, but flat surfaces are definitely do-able.  (Just kidding!)

New riders don't need special shoes, but once a new rider becomes a regular rider, then I do recommend cycling shoes. Cycling shoes have a cleat on the base (either SPD or Look) of the shoe that clips into the pedal (think ski boot and ski binding).  Here's why being clipped into the pedal is better:

1. Riders will enjoy maximum efficiency of power transfer.

2. The base of a cycling shoe has a stiff sole that provides a better base of support, increased stability, and assists in keeping the foot, ankle, knee and hip aligned. In short, less injury.

3. On speed work and climbs, riders will be more efficient and “one with the bike.” Ok, what I mean is: on a sprint, you don't have to worry about your foot flying out of the cage due to your lightening speed and on a climb, you will engage your hamstrings and glutes more effectively as you pull up to generate power through the pedal stroke. 

Cycling shoes typically run in European sizes.  And the good news is that they will run you less than a pair of Christian Louboutin stilettos, and I guarantee you will get more wear out of them! Specialized and Sidi are among the most popular brands for indoor cycling, and prices for a well-designed shoe range from $75-150-plus.  If you are dedicated to indoor cycling, the shoe is worth the investment and will enhance the ride!  


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Be Kind Today (and Every Day)!

With the holidays approaching, it is so important to remember to give back. The best way you can give back is to be kind!

Today, November 13, is World Kindness Day, which is a perfect day to pay it forward and do a Random Act of Kindness. Treat your friend (or a stranger!) to a coffee, grab the newspaper for your neighbor, call your grandmother, or simply check on a friend in need.

In the spirit of spreading JOY, the JoyRide team has recalled their favorite Random Acts of Kindness that someone has either done for them or that they have done for someone else.  Read on, share joy and pay it forward!

Rhodie Lorenz (Co-Owner/Instructor): “A very special woman named Lucianna helps me with my never-ending laundry at home. At the age of 31, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I bought her a wig when she lost her hair to chemo and assisted her in navigating the medical billing for a foreign student without health insurance. I also advocated that a portion of SpinOdyssey funding go directly towards her care. I’m ecstatic to report that today she is cancer-free!”

Debbie Katz (Co-Owner): "When I was pregnant with my son, Miles (like really pregnant, due in a couple of weeks), my husband, Marc and I went to see the show Avenue Q in New York City.  The bathroom line at intermission was really long, obviously, and I was standing way at the back and up the stairs. This woman who was right at the front looked up, saw me and walked right over, took my hand, and put me at the front of the line, announcing that I was 'next.'”

Amy Hochhauser (Co-Owner): “I bought a hot chocolate for a kid I didn't know. He was standing next to me on the soccer sidelines wet and freezing but still there to support his friends.”

Meagen O’Connell (Instructor): “My running group, Girls Gone Miles, has decorated each others’ mailboxes before a big running event to wish them luck, left cookies on the doorstep when one of our runners lost their dog, and dropped off a care package when someone’s dad was sick.”

Alison Vitolo (Instructor): “Driving home from a night out on the town, at a stop sign, I saw a woman lying down. I stopped to see if she was okay and she started crying that she had gotten in a fight with her boyfriend and had nowhere to go. I put her in my car and bought her a hotel room for the night.”

Mo Prester (Instructor): “I celebrated my birthday this week at JoyRide and a rider surprised me with a birthday cake!”

Emily Swet (Instructor): “Last spring, I stopped at the rest stop in Darien on 95 on my way to NY. I bought a water, a snack for my son - and made nice small talk with the store clerk who sold them to me. Later, I realized I had left my son's med bag containing his Epi-Pen and other rescue meds. I have dupes and could easily order more, but a stress and pain nonetheless. A day later, I got a call from my son's pediatrician in Milford. The store clerk dropped my son’s bag off for me at the office."

Julianne Mulvey (Instructor): “This morning, I paid for a woman's shipping at the post office because she didn't have her wallet in her purse and needed to overnight a care package to her daughter at college who had had a bad day."

Marni Lane (Public Relations): “The day we moved into our new house in July, my friend brought over four bags of groceries, prepared foods and wine and stocked my empty fridge!”

Lesley Osborn (Marketing): “I helped out with an event last week, and my friend dropped a heartfelt thank you note, as well as a gift card for a pedicure in my mailbox.”

Remember to be kind today, on World Kindness Day -- and every day! To celebrate, we would love to see your favorite Random Acts of Kindness. Use the hashtags #payitforward #spreadjoy #helpothers #worldkindnessday and #raktivist so we can all follow along!


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Back to School, Back to JOY!

While it's always sad to say goodbye to summer, there is something refreshing about getting back into a routine. The start of a new season is the perfect opportunity to renew your fitness goals.  So come back to JoyRide and start fresh!

Here are some incentives to help get you going:

1.  A FREE Class: Use promo code BACKTOJOY to redeem your free class on our site HERE.

2. Refer a Friend: Earn a second FREE class by referring a friend.  Simply have your friend enter your name in the referral field when they create an account and you will earn an additional free class.  

Need more motivation?  Read Rhodie's top tips on for keeping your workout regimen strong!   

See you at JoyRide!


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Guest Blogger: JoyRider Joanie Landau

The Morning Shout-Out

Several mornings a week, I revert to being a first grader.* I’m not proud, especially since it’s been an eternal 47 years.  [* Footnote: the name of my first grade teacher was Mr. First. Dead serious.]

I cycle at the aptly named JoyRide Studio in Westport, Conn. Instructor and co-owner Rhodie Lorenz is a spin and speed dynamo. She rides so fast her legs disappear like the Looney Tunes Road Runner. She is Motivator, DeeJay, and the Dalai Lama for 44 disciples who wage an online battle every Sunday at noon to snatch their favorite Schwinn for the week ahead. The privilege of parking our Lululemon-clad tushes in one of Rhodie’s classes is like winning a weekly lotto.

Rhodie’s “shout-outs” start midway into class. They are an essential part of our call to action:

“You are stronger than you know! Unlock your potential!?The story is yours to write! Think about how far you’ve come! Let’s go, Carrie! That’s it, Diana!”

And there I sit, like a first grader on Bike 7. In between moments of having a stunning mind-body experience, I become Horshack from Welcome Back, Kotter. I lock eyes with Her Holiness and scream at her with my mind:

“OOOOH OOOH, Rhodie, look! I’m sweating profusely and get the defibrillator ready! OOOH OOOH I’m spinning faster than Usain Bolt! So please give me a shout-out!!!”

I burn my wish into her consciousness like a Vulcan Mind-Meld and wait for it....any moment’s coming.....

“You got it, Joanie!” BOOYA!

Thank the Gods, as they say on Game of Thrones. Cracking knees and aching hips be damned, I’ll be back tomorrow. Love you, Rhodie.

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